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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naruto shippuden episodes are still out there you know.

Do you still watch Naruto Shippuden episodes? You should. There are still some good filers in there. They are funny too!

All about the sonic the hedgehog show and games.

Hey guys do you think Sonic is awesome?! It is! Sonic has been around since 1995! And there are still more games coming! There are no more episodes though =(. But some awesome new games are coming out! Sonic and dbz are a little the same like sonic went super, that episode came out right after Goku became super. There are also some other evidence but I won't talk About that now.Sonic and Sponegebob also came out in 1995! Well thats it for this review.

Look at the vs review

Hey you guys should really look at the vs review. It has goku vs ichigo there!

Hey guys sonic generations is out!

Who is the guy behind the mask?

As you see on the top that is Madara's real body. If that is Madara who is the one behind the mask?! Well some people say that the one behind the mask is a fake Madara. Who else from the Echiha clan has a sharigan and rinnegan? We might find find out later in the new new chapter.( Or a few more chapters).

goku vs naruto

  Ok everyone thinks Naruto can beat Dbz well they wrong! Goku vs naruto is a really hard fight to know who wins. But goku wins. Naruto can go kyubi and do a rasengan, but goku can use instant transmission and do a kamehahameha on Naruto. Goku wins.

I will start making some vs reviews! support to Dreager1

HEY GUYS! Well ass you see on the title of this story or blog (whatever) it says I'll start doing vs reviews! This means  I'll like say who do you think will win sonic or knuckles. This is to Dreager1 for the support of telling me he does this. And I'll DO GAME REVIEWS TO!!!!! later guys