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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sorry the about episode 3 of the The time zone returns

  Hey guys I'm so sorry about the really late delay of  episode 3. It has been a rough week with school and tests. I really had to study and ace them. So I guess it has to be delayed for a little more time. The episode is going to be a battle super sonic 3 vs the mystery hedgehog. It be a awesome battle.Some people tell me to switch to flash or pivot, but I'm not ready for that yet.Yea at school we having fun Halloween partys and stuff, it was a little lame. On Halloween I never went trick or treating cuz I was bored, I hate candy (some candy), and had to study. In November is when all the tests came. Math,Spelling and some ELA.I was like "you gotta be kidding". After all the tests I tryed making my blog a lot better. I had to set templates, change backgrounds, put pictures, posts, and I had to go on youtube and respond to some people. So here I am now, writing a post for you guys. There will be about 10 or 20 episodes in the series. I play wolfteam now so I like play that all day.

             So there you have it that is why the episode was delayed. Later! (btw not that much posts on my vs reviews, sonic reviews, anime vs review, or dragon ball z reviews, I will have some more posts on  them, but for now not that much. And I'm getting a little lazy making sprite movies ( lol ).