Hello my fellow bloggers

Hello welcome to my blog. I post anime things,game things and animation things. Here is where you can fit in for the people who like sprite movies and anime. Enjoy! youtube account BTW


        1.Info of episode 3
Okay I have some new news! Its almost thanksgiving!
That means food! On that day is when epsiode 3 will come out. If you think I turned off the series your wrong. Yep so no more AMVS only sprite movies. You can ask my brother gameguy37726 if he can do AMVS, but I will not do anymore for now. Maybe after I'm done with my series I will do another AMV after another series I finish. Is that a good idea? And also please spread the word about my blog. I need more views! I am a little popular on youtube but not here! Come on!!!!! So someone told me about wordpess.com. He said it is better than blogspot so maybe I'll switch maybe I won't. So hope you like the news! later! COMMENTS PLS!!!!!!!!!! LOL I PUT THAT PICTURE FOR SOME REASON?