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Superman vs Iron Man

Okay who do you think will win Superman or Iron man? That is one fight, Iron Man is strong and fast,Super man is strong and fast. Super man has amazing abilites and so does Iron man. Super can pretty much punch Iron man right threw. But Iron Man can throw and bomb or something, but it can not hurt Iron Man THAT much. So maybe Superman will win. Because like I said he can punch Iron Man so hard he'll be dead. So Superman will wins.

                                                             Naruto vs Shino

Okay who do you think will win Naruto are Shino? Well Naruto can do a rasengan or shadow clone jutsu on Shino and Naruto has a lot better skill than Shino. Naruto wins

                                                           Goku vs Iron Man

 Okay Iron Man vs Goku. Its is a little obvious to know that goku wins. Yes Iron Man is strong but Goku is the strongest thing in the universe. Goku wins. If you desagree well........ You are wrong. Goku can blast Iron Man's Armor right off! He'll  crush Iron MAN! Goku wins. (of course!)