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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mw3 review

Hey guys, sorry for not posting the other day I'm busy. But MW3 is out!!!!!!!!! Well I know it was out since last week but I'm in too these games know. I  read a book about the war with true stories and then I started liking gun games! I never got the game yet maybe in a few months. This game is way better then all the other games. Well that is just me.Call of duty black ops  has the worst graphic ever in call of duty. On youtube I saw a lot of gameplays on this game, I want it! Plz if you know anyway I could get it, or any other pc games that has 3rd shooter tell me. I also heard that the game has awesome graphics! I can not wait untill I get the game. And I noticed that my blog is getting more hits every day. thx for the support! Also I'm in a sprite contest. If you go on my channel you will know about it.You have to make a sonic,kirby or pokemon sprite movie. I'm doing sonic cuz ITS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! So hope you will check out the contest later in the next month I will have one contest soon. So back to cod, the game is okay but what is it about? is it real? I'm a beginer in all this stuff so tell me plz!!!!!!! And Hope You Guys Will Like My Other rEviews!LOL LOOK HOW I MADE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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