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Monday, November 7, 2011

Favorite Sonic Game

Do you still remember this game? Well this is my favorite Sonic game. Sonic riders. Its a good racing game for some Sonic fans. The game came out like in 2007. There is a another game for the kinet for this game. Badly I never got the game so I tryed to get it for for pc free. So I went on youtube like I always do and found a website that can give it to me free! I downloaded the game, but then when I tryed it It froze, I tryed again, it froze I kept on TRYING But it never came on! I was so mad! So I looked for a game that was simailar to Sonic Riders, same as I did with kh2, I found out that I need a memory slot for the ps3.
             Now about the game. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails went looking for the chaos emeralds. But all of a sudden 3 mystery riders came and Sonic found out they stole the emerald! Sonic went alfter them but it never turned out good.
                 Later in the story they went into the compettion to get all 7 emerald. Want to hear more? I will have a nother update about   this later.


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